June 26, 2018

We Want You! Call for online contributions to “NATO Engages: the Brussels Summit Dialogue”

If you had the chance to speak to NATO’s leading politicians and experts about security, what would you say? In an effort to diversify contributions to the security debate, WIIS Brussels is giving you a unique opportunity to join the debate and share your ideas with the world!

On July 11-12, heads-of-state and government, military leaders, and senior officials gather at the 2018 NATO Summit in Brussels. In partnership with NATO, the Atlantic Council, the German Marshall Fund (GMF), and the Munich Security Conference (MSC), we – Women in International Security (WIIS) Brussels – are organizing the official high-profile outreach event alongside the official Summit. This event is designed to engage stakeholders beyond the traditional security and defense community in a discussion about the future of the world’s most powerful political-military alliance. WIIS Brussels wants to hear from you on the following questions:

  • A Shifting Global Order and an Alliance under Pressure, what is next?

  • How can NATO develop and apply inclusive security policies?

  • Disinformation and Election Interference, how can NATO counter information warfare?

  • Back to Basics: Defense and Deterrence. What does a ready, resilient and robust NATO mean in the Modern Age?

  • Beyond the Liberal Order: How to Deal with Russia and China?

  • (In)Stability in NATO’s Neighborhood, why should NATO be involved?

  • Boom or Bust: The Future of European Defense, with or without NATO?

  • The Blessings and Curses of Technology, how can NATO stay ahead in a digital age?

Precisely because the WIIS membership represents a diverse group of women from different sectors and policy knowledge, this offers a unique opportunity to pitch in and provide various new views on actionable outcomes into the debate that has been traditionally lead by so-called security experts and political leaders. Do send us your contributions – no more than 200 words – to Nadja EL Fertasi at nelfertasi@wiis-brussels.org. Upon further review, the ten most convincing pieces will be published on the WIIS Brussels website as well as on the official website of NATO Engages.

Deadline for submissions is Wednesday 4th July 2018 midnight. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

The WIIS Brussels Team

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