Mentoring Programme

The WIIS Brussels mentoring programme is a professional development scheme for women active in the fields of international relations, security and defence. It offers women professionals the opportunity to enhance their skills, seek advice, and discuss the challenges and opportunities they encounter in their professional lives. The programme seeks to help participants grow in their line of work with the support of seasoned professionals. The group of WIIS Brussels mentors consists of experienced officials from the EU institutions and NATO, as well as experts from academia, the private and public sectors. The individual mentor-mentee and group meetings during the programme serve as a vibrant platform for the exchange of knowledge and experience.

Application deadline

September 22, 2022

Mentoring season starts (TBC)

October 17, 2022

What to expect?

​The Programme runs for six months. It is built around individual meetings between Mentees and their Mentors. We recommend to each mentoring pair to meet at least once per month. The individual meetings will be supplemented by a set of gatherings with the full group. Participants in the mentoring scheme also enjoy access to a range of additional workshops and networking sessions offered by WIIS Brussels, aimed at further enriching the overall experience.



Benefit for Mentees

  • To develop a sharper focus of what is needed to grow in one’s field;
  • To obtain critical feedback in key areas of interest, such as subject knowledge or so-called soft skills (e.g. communication, time management, networking, and self-confidence);
  • To learn from the experience of a mentor.



Benefits for Mentors

  • To acquire new skills;
  • To improve one’s leadership and management style;
  • To share one’s expertise and experience, and pass on knowledge to the next generation (“to give back”).

Past editions


30 Mentors

30 Mentees


27 Mentors

27 Mentees

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