May 20, 2022

WCT – A gendered approach to counterterrorism: Global Counterterrorism Forum side-event in Dakar

WIIS Brussels were invited to present its EU-funded project « Promoting the role of women in security and counterterrorism (WCT) » at the GCTF side-event « A Gendered Approach to preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (PCVE) & Counterterrorism (CT) » in Dakar on 10-11 May 2022.

Pauline Massart and Florence Ferrando presented initial findings of the project, focusing on the strategic, operational and tactical added-value of having more women in counterterrorism, on a SWOT analysis of gender mainstreaming in CT and on the challenges women face in the sector.

The GCTF presented WIIS Brussels with an incredible opportunity to hear from a broad range of stakeholders on the opportunities and challenges of women in CT, and how women can improve the CT across the spectrum of law enforcement, military, intelligence, judiciary, and the penitentiary system, sharing lessons learnt and best practices.

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Florence Ferrando

Florence Ferrando

WIIS Steering Committee member

Pauline Massart

Pauline Massart

WIIS Steering Committee member

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