December 31, 2022

Thanks to our 2022 guests of Women & Leadership podcast!

What a year for our Women&Leadership podcast show, hosted by Ilana Bet-El! 

We are proud to have welcomed experts from across Europe and beyond to bring other perspectives and exchange on 2022 events and trends with 9 new episodes. 

From reflections of defence and security with foreign affairs  with Muriel Domenach (Ambassador and Permanent Representative to NATO) and Veronika Wand Danielsson (Head of the Americas Department at Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs), tracing outlines of the 11 November 1918 with Magaret MacMillan (Emeritus professor of History at the University of Toronto & of International History at Oxford University), deep into Habsburg empire to question European Union with Nathalie Tocci (Director at Istituto Affari Internazionali) and Caroline de Gruyter (Journalist & writer), to debunk journalism and media realities with Suzanne Lynch (Chief Brussels Correspondent & Associate Editor at Politico Europe) and Stefanie Bolzen (UK correspondent at Die Welt & Welt am Sonntag) sharing behind-of-the-scenes of this honorable profession. 

Of course, Ukraine warfare and its multiple impact was largely discussed this year: starting on the 8th March with Rose Gottemoeller (Former NATO Deputy Secretary General), bringing history to decrypt challenges posed to European security architecture, and continuing with Olga Oliker (Director of the Europe and Central Asia Programme at International Crisis Group) and Kristina Spohr (Professor Department of International History at London School of Economics) to capture complexities of Russia history and identity which contribute to the war of aggression against Ukraine. We were pleased to welcome voices from neighboring countries to report on the war impact thanks to Dovilė Šakalienė (Member of the Parlement – Lithuania) and Salome Samadashvili (Member of the Parlement – Georgia)

Some episodes zoom on specific topics such as energy with Katja Yafimava (Senior Research Fellow at Oxford Institute for Energy Studies Gas Research Programme) and Olivera Drazic-Gaubert (Senior Advisor and former head – FIPRA) and on demystifying nuclear weapons thanks to Polina Sinovets (Director at Odessa Center for Nonproliferation) and Jessica Cox (Director for Nuclear Policy at NATO). 

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