February 11, 2022 ● 08:00

Women in Counterterrorism: kick-off workshop


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WIIS Brussels kicks off EU-funded project on « The role of women in security and counterterrorism »

WIIS Brussels was extremely excited to launch the EU-funded project « Promoting the role of women in security and counterterrorism » on 11/02/22 with a hybrid workshop bringing together 30 counterterrorism experts, including former EU Counterterrorism Coordinator Gilles de Kerchove, former Spanish State Secretary for Foreign Affairs and Member of the WIIS Brussels Advisory Committee Cristina Gallach, FPI Head of Unit for Stability and Peace Natalie Pauwels, Principal Advisor to the EU Counterterrorism Coordinator Dr Christiane Höhn, and Head of the EEAS’s Counterterrorism Division, Nadia Costantini.

Fascinating and insightful discussions around the challenges facing women in the criminal justice response to terrorism, in law enforcement and the judiciary among others, the added value of diversity for the effectiveness and sustainability of counterterrorism policies, and questions to be tackled to promote their meaningful participation in the field in the EU and beyond.

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