April 1, 2022

Women & Leadership: History and context in the war in Ukraine

A discussion with Ilana Bet-El

Continuing our journey of seeking historic perspective on the conflict in Ukraine, Ilana Bet-El welcomes Professor Kristina Spohr of the Department of International History at the London School of Economics and Dr Olga Oliker, Director of the Europe and Central Asia Programme at the International Crisis Group.

With their expertise on Russia, Ukraine, the Cold War and the global order, the three women bring out both the complexities of Russian history and identity, and the endemic flaws in the state’s governance — all of which contributed to launching the war of aggression against Ukraine. From facts to narratives, language and memory, the conversation reflects how history is both the hero and the enemy in this war.

The episode was recorded on Sunday 27th March 2022.

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This episode features:

Ilana Bet-El

Ilana Bet-El

WIIS Advisory Board member

Olga Oliker

Olga Oliker

Director of the Europe and Central Asia Programme - International Crisis Group

Kristina Spohr

Kristina Spohr

Professor Department of International History - London School of Economics



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This episode being special, the Women & Leadership podcast team would like to use the show to align with WIIS Brussels Voices DNA, and offer a platform for women to speak up about security, defence and foreign affairs. Have you expertise or experience on the Ukrainian crisis that you want to share with our communities?

Reach out to us at wiisbxlpodcasts@gmail.com.

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