January 12, 2023

Women Leaders: The beginning of a new cycle?

A conversation with Ilana Bet-El

Start the year with Ilana Bet-El welcoming her WIIS friends Florence Ferrando, co-producer of the Women Leaders podcast, and Pauline Massart, Partner at Avisa-Partners. This bonus episode was recorded following a conversation in December between the three women, focused on the eventful year that was 2022 and some ideas about 2023.

Looking backwards and forwards, the conversation brings their views on the current global political leadership, how the war in Ukraine is also playing out on social media and impacting our daily lives in so many ways, and the so-called global system.

The episode was recording on the 6th January 2023

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This episode features:

Ilana Bet-El

Ilana Bet-El

WIIS Advisory Board member

Pauline Massart

Pauline Massart

WIIS SC member / Partner - Avisa Partners

Florence Ferrando

Florence Ferrando

WIIS Brussels Voices producer



Music: Free from copyright
Production:  Florence Ferrando

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