February 3, 2021

Women in Diplomacy

Thought the eyes of young students: discussion with the Comité Diplomatique

In this new episode, Silvia Costante and Sabrine Dao invite Kaltoum Nebbou, founder and president of the Comite diplomatique, to discuss the role of women in diplomacy. Why only a few women enter the diplomatic world? How can we break the glass ceiling in this gendered professional area?

Featured in the podcast, Her Excellency Luminita Odobescu, Ambassador of Romania to the European Union, and Her Excellency Ambassador Angelina Eichhorst, Director general at the European External Action Service, who offer interesting insights about what it is like to be a women diplomat in a fast-changing world.

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This episode features:

Sabrine Dao

Sabrine Dao

WIIS Campus co-founder

Silvia Costante

Silvia Costante

WIIS Campus member

Kaltoum Nebbou

Kaltoum Nebbou

Founder & president- Comité diplomatique



Music: Scott Holmes Music – We Were Dreamers – Carefree Music 2020
Production: Sabrine Dao

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