November 29, 2022 ● 18:30

Consultation on Women & Security with women from Iraq

Consultation Security

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Two years ago, WIIS Brussels launched a series of consultations on the evolving concept of security. Together, we will continue to explore what ‘security’ means to us personally, how this concept is changing and what role communities play in shaping a secure environment for us.

As part of the Supporting Arab Women at the Table (SAWT) project, funded by the European Union (EU), led by the Arab Reform Initiative (ARI) and implemented through country partners, a group of expert women including researchers from The Iraqi Al Amal Association (IAA) and current and former members of parliament will be visiting Brussels on 29 November 2022.

The current political turmoil and unrest in Iraq has shed light on the extent to which women politicians remain side-lined from key negotiations. Within the framework of the SAWT project, IAA has conducted a thorough study analyzing gender roles in Iraqi political parties and has gathered women’s visions on peace and political inclusion, including those of the new wave of female politicians elected in the October 2021 parliamentary elections. This Brussels visit aims to present the findings of this research and raise recommendations about how to increase women’s meaningful representation in decision making circles.

Given the changing nature of conflict and security, we would like to invite you to join us to engage in the upcoming consultation with the women from Iraq, and also share your stories or perceptions of security. This WIIS Consultation will seek to share perspectives on women’s roles in peace and security in Iraq and in Europe more broadly, and generate further discussion on aspects of human security.

Join us for an in person conversation on Tuesday, 29 November, from 18:30 to 19:30 CET.

This event is a common reflection process on how our security environment impacts our views on security, stability and well-being, whether in or around conflict zone. In order to create a safe space for all participants who want to share their thoughts and experiences, this event will not be recorded. You can find more information about our previous consultations and the journey we have embarked upon in this article on our website.

Places are limited, so make sure to register. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive further details on the exact location for the participants

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