September 13, 2021 ● 18:30

Online Workshop: Unexamined and Unnamed: Coloniality in Culture and Everyday Practice


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We were excited to host the interactive workshop Unexamined and Unnamed: Coloniality in Culture and Everyday Practice on Monday, September 13 from 18:30-20:00.

A centuries-long world-making exercise formed the global habits, categories, assumptions, and judgements that we are socialised into, at work and at home. So this session is not a ‘training’ and could never be. It will be a guided space where we collectively interrogate unnamed conventions that reproduce racialised and gendered binaries and hierarchies within our everyday work. Focusing on the underlying logics will give us the understanding – and therefore the choice – to be proactive in disrupting these, which is crucial to begin to plot out new futures and alternative trajectories.

About the trainer
Terri Beswick is a British-Jamaican strategist, analyst and facilitator running iklektik, a consultancy practice that’s designed to cultivate new – explicitly decolonial and feminist – ways of knowing, ways of being and ways of doing within civic and political organisations. Terri’s work is informed by a black feminist positioning. Her practice is informed by a grounding in the humanities and social sciences: political anthropology, semiology, cognitive linguistics, organisational design, the politics of peace and security, and intergovernmental policymaking. Terri has worked across the stakeholder divide with civil society organisations and networks, think-tanks, and public institutions on human security, social justice, pluralism, and foreign policy for over 13 years as an analyst, advocate, advisor, policy researcher and facilitator.

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