October 26, 2023 ● 17:30

Elevating Women’s Voices – Promoting gender equality in counterterrorism


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WIIS Brussels ran an EU-funded project to develop guidelines to improve the participation of women in the criminal justice response to terrorism. The report of the Women in Counter-Terrorism (CT) project adresses this hereto understudied topic, providing guidelines for all and any counterterrorism stakeholder to include gender aspect in their activities.


As part of WIIS Brussels mission to advance the missing voices around the security table and leverage diverse ideas to develop innovative and inclusive solutions to global security challenges, the event will provide a platform for a critical exchange on gender and counter-terrorism.

It will provide an opportunity for dialogue between human rights mandates, international organizations and representatives from the security sector. The event aims to stimulate a dialogue in a safe space to provide feedback on the recommendations in the published guidelines, critical dialogue on a complex topic and broaden our thinking.


This event is organized  the friendly support of the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation. Seats are limited and a first come first serves policy will be applied! 

Camilla Bognoe

Camilla Bognoe

Senior Advisor on Anti-Terrorism Issues, Action Against Terrorism Unit, OSCE

Dr. Christiane Höhn

Dr. Christiane Höhn

Principal Adviser to the European Union Counter-terrorism Coordinator, EU

Ilham Makki

Ilham Makki

Ministry of Education, Iraq


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