September 22, 2021 ● 18:30

Consultation on Women & Security: Part II – Session II


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Earlier this year, WIIS Brussels conducted a series of consultations on the evolving concept of security. Together, we explored what ‘security’ means to us personally, how this concept changed over time, and what role community plays in shaping a secure environment for us.

We’re now taking this process to the next level and are hosting another round of consultations. We intend to move a little deeper, working towards an even more profound exchange on what security means to us all. Diversity of thought is very important to us, which is why in this round, we’d like to also involve non-WIIS Brussels members.

For this virtual conversation on Wednesday 22 September, members were invited to bring along a friend. We were keen on hearing about and learning from different perspectives, and believe that involving non-members is important to come to a more inclusive understanding of what security means to women today.

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