April 25, 2023 ● 18:30

Consultation on Women & Security – in association with CEE HER GLOBSEC – with women from the Western Balkans


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In 2020, WIIS Brussels launched a series of consultations on the evolving concept of security. Throughout this process, we have learned that it was less important to define exactly “what” we were exploring through security, than it was to focus on “how” to approach security as members of wider communities. We came to appreciate each other’s perspectives without judgement, but with heightened sensitivity to address diverse security challenges as perceived.

During the next WIIS Brussels Consultation, co-organised with CEE HER, we are pleased to engage with women from the Western Balkans. CEE HER is an initiative powered by GLOBSEC that aims to promote gender equality and increase female expert presence in policy debates and policy making in CEE+ region. Based on our recent report reflecting on last year’s series of Consultations, published on the WIIS website, we look forward to further exploring together with our guests what ‘security’ means to us personally; what role communities play in shaping a secure environment for us; and how to conceptually approach security today at the international level.

For this consultation, we are thrilled to hear from women from the Western Balkan countries. and welcome your insights within this unique process of Consultations. Bring your whole self to the table. We need your stories. Beyond the intellectual exchange we are seeking to shape an “inside-out” process to engage on security issues.

 Join us for an in-person conversation on Tuesday, 25 April, from 18:30 to 20:00 CET, in Brussels.

 In order to create a safe space for all participants who want to share their thoughts and experiences, this event will not be recorded.

Please register by 14 April 2023. The limited places will be attributed on the first come first served basis.

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