While women abound among students of international relations, security, defence, development and human security, their numbers get increasingly lower in senior and decision-making positions across governments, international,  and civil society organizations as well as the private sector.


WIIS Brussels addresses this dilemma by convening regular conversations with senior women about their own professional developments as well as through a one-to-one mentoring programme.


Strengthening women’s leadership skills will contribute actively in transforming societal, organisational and mental structures that have prevented women from advancing more naturally.



WIIS Brussels’s Mentoring Programme

First Edition - 2016


The WIIS Brussels Mentoring Programme is a professional development scheme aimed at women active in the field of international security. The programme offers young and mid-career women professionals the opportunity to develop their skills, seek career advice or simply discuss challenges and opportunities they encounter in their professional life with a more seasoned professional.


The objectives of this programme are multi-fold: to support women’s professional development, particularly in the field of international security; to help them acquire skills and expertise necessary to progress in their career; to learn how to deal with real challenges and difficulties in current working environments, and to be a platform to extend their networks of contacts.


For more information about the mentoring programme, please click the link below:


 WIIS Brussels   |   Mentoring Programme

1st edition 2016



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